Is it time for a change? Are you looking for less stress, more happiness, greater satisfaction or wonder if you are getting what you really want out of life? Does it feel like you are working just to pay bills?  If so, Me Only Better Coaching is the place for you. 

GOALS: How to set them to match your true priorities
EMOTIONS make and break progress
Overcome FEARS to reach your true potential
MORE isn't always better
You can learn to CHANGE with less resistence
How to use EMPATHY everyday for happiness and fulfillment
It's never too early or late to work on a better LIFE
Asking WHY is one of the most important questions in life.

About your coach


Why Should I use a Coach?

-You want to be more engaged in life


-You want to change your job, but you are not sure it is worth it


-You want to change some of your behaviors to have a better relationship with your self, work, co-workers, spouse, children, etc


-You see other people acting happy and you want to know how to feel that way


-You have tried to change in the past but have not been able to follow through


-You feel you deserve a better life than you have now


-You think you know how to reduce stress, but when you try it doesn’t work very well


-You know what changes to make, but you haven’t done it


-You believe time will solve all of your problems


-You think that work is stressful and there is nothing you can do about it


-You think the problem in life is everyone else


I have always loved working with people. I have been a Massage Therapist for 20 years with my beginnings as an employee at a Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.  I have completed over 5,000 coaching sessions as Wellness Coach for Unitedhealthcare/Optum in the Minneapolis area. My passion is to help others realize and prioritize his or her dream, find the path and walk or RUN it.








Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration Minor, Marketing



Massage Therapy Program

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

State of Florida Massage Therapy


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