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August 3, 2018

March 25, 2018

August 25, 2017

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March 30, 2017

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Why is the Life Coach in Awe of Jenn?

April 19, 2017


Why is the life coach in awe of Jenn?


I met Jenn during my freshman year of college in our dorm building. I remember her being a fun, respectful person who was always up for an adventure. We socialized, ate meals together, went rollerblading around campus and once took a road trip. Jenn and I drifted between different levels of friendships over several years. Sometimes closer, sometimes not. There was never an expectation of more or less, it just worked. We ended up moving in together in an apartment when we reached our third year of college.


Jenn went her way after college and I went mine. We both married and divorced. We kept in loose contact. Jenn always wanted to be a nurse, but due to a restricted program, she finished a different degree, worked along the way and eventually went back to get the nursing degree. She had to make several attempts to get into the program. She didn't give up because she knew it is what she was meant to do. A few years ago Jenn decided to work on Mercy Ships. I was fascinated by this decision. She gave up her home to live on a ship and donate her time and skills to people around the world who desperate



ly needed her help. She shared her journey on social media and I eagerly awaited updates to watch this journey. Jenn regularly spends her own income on mission trips throughout the world. She has a selfless demeanor that I treasure.


Jenn went on to work as a traveling nurse. She decides what area of the country she wants to experience and picks up and moves. She fills in the gaps of care while a hospital is in transition or need. She shows up to improvise and give care when it is needed in the moment. This type of work requires a pragmatic thinking and a lot of flexibility. She is grounded and realistic, but keeps flowing toward a life of greater abundance.


One of the things I admire about Jenn is that she is willing to try out different things to figure out what she enjoys best. She is happy and can serve others in a selfless way. She has finally found the place where she wants to stay and buy a permanent home. I had an intuition that she was near this point in her life and I sent a message to check in on her progress. Sure enough, the day before, she received the job offer to work in a neonatal intensive care unit. I am so very happy for her. Jenn is the perfect example of staying true to yourself so you can help others.



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