I started working with Melissa because I thought it would be good for me and help me to be healthier. I continued working with Melissa because it was enjoyable and I was actually making lifestyle changes that helped me feel better and healthier. Melissa was personable, caring, non-judgemental and made many practical suggestions that were enormously helpful.


-Leslie T.


Melissa's coaching provided me a mechanism for self-development. Her keen listening and realistic goal setting helped me reach positive outcomes. She gave practical advice to real life challenges through the use of questioning . Today I continue to grow and develop as an individual using the tools Melissa helped put in my toolbox


-Brenda T.

If you are looking for a coach to meet you where you are at and hold your hand every step of the way, Melissa is your coach. What I love about her is her ability to gently move you forward so you can succeed. What I found most valuable is the way she found a safe place for me to be venerable. Her empathetic nature made me feel heard. She has a passion that is inspiring and not afraid to push you beyond your comfort zone. It is just what I needed.


-Jenifer B.

For two years I worked alongside Melissa as a health and wellness coach. We worked in the same office and I was able to see over 100 coaches working with their clients. Melissa was one of the only coaches that also worked for her clients. She showed up every day with the intent of artfully partnering with those who would ask for it; with her complete attention, creativity, and passion.

I was able to learn from Melissa how to be a better coach. She was voracious in learning about health and wellness science and behavioral strategies. But beyond education and comprehension, Melissa had a unique ability to build a strategy with each client. This is important. Most coaches I know have a standard set of strategies that they preach, and if it doesn’t work for an individual it can result in disappointment, mistrust, and even regression into poor habits.

If you’re not impressed by the observation of a peer, I would also mention that Melissa was one of the only coaches where clients continued to work with her long after their initial health “goals” were accomplished. As someone in the industry, I can tell you this is extremely rare. Melissa’s clients maintained relationships with her because she helped them. I know that when Melissa made her intentions known to start her new business and would leave our office, many of her clients decided they would not engage with a new coach. They only wanted to work with her.

Melissa is one of the most accomplished and gifted coaches I know. I hope you give her a chance to work with you. I did and will never regret it.

Bridget M .

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